12 Hype–Killing Photography Facts!



Photography in the digital age can be a confusing business.

There are so many choices and decisions to make.

So many features, modes and gimmicks to weigh up.

There’s the whole Pro vs Amateur gear/image dilemma to worry about.

And then you go online to read reviews and opinions – so many opinions! So many technical factors. So many acronyms.

So many sensitive people who take their camera equipment so very, very seriously and deeply resent anyone who finds fault with it.

On top of all that, every second day, the latest rumours appear.
And every two weeks the next revolutionary game-changing sensor, lens, camera body, strap or bag is announced with unrestrained the—future-is-bright-at-last hoopla.

StreetShotPro desperately wants to help you find your way through this jungle of hype, hysteria, wishful thinking and plain old bad aesthetic choices.

So here are twelve things you should know before you start messing around with any sort of photography or photography-related items or equipment…

Weather Sealing is a must have if…

Weather Sealing is a must-have if: It’s not raining very much and you really believe the manufacturer will give you another camera when your wet one blows up.

Vignetting is a terrible problem if…


Vignetting is a terrible problem if: You only shoot light-coloured flat walls and don’t have a computer.

Bokeh is beautiful if…


Bokeh is beautiful if: Your definition of street photography stretches to grainy B&W macro shots of flower petals.

Extremely High Resolution is a must-have if…


Extremely High Resolution is a must-have if: You alway exhibit your street photography on giant billboards and then examine them through a telescope.

A Silent Shutter is vital if…


A Silent Shutter is vital if:  You do all of your street photography 100 years ago in a magic city where it’s always very, very, very quiet.

Built-in Flash is useful if…


Built-in Flash is useful if: You want that supernova-in-a-photobooth look.

f0.95 is vital if…


f0.95 is vital if: You accidently wander through a hole in the spacetime continuum and find yourself shooting a Mozart gig, in a dimly-lit bar, in the 18th century.

Autofocus is great if…


Autofocus is great if: It has that mode that can reach deep inside your skull and read your mind.

HDR is exciting if…


HDR is exciting if: You want to recreate cheap postcards from behind the Iron Curtain in 1962.

15 FPS Burst Rate is vital if…


15 FPS Burst Rate is vital if: You don’t know how to tell your camera to shoot video.

ISO 100,000 is extremely useful if…


ISO 100,000 extremely useful if: You absolutely must have a really low quality shot of a black cat in a coalmine.

Image Stabilization is helpful if…


img stablz

Image Stabilization is helpful if: You do most of your shooting drunk.

That’s my first 12 hype-killers. There’s probably only a couple of hundred more to go!
If you have any doozies of your own to share, please put them in the comments.

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